Personal Insurance

Generazio Associates, Inc. has a long history of serving the personal insurance needs of families throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and more. We are an independent insurance agency that believes our strategic insurance partnerships allow us to create customized insurance policies that meet your unique and personal needs.

We work with you to determine the unique risks your family faces and identify how our insurance products can help you mitigate those risks at competitive rates. We are committed, at all times, to providing quality service and exceptional insurance protection through these core lines of personal insurance products.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Your home is likely the single largest investment you’ll make in a lifetime. It’s important to protect that investment with sufficient insurance protection for the area in which you live, your unique risks as homeowners, and the home itself.

Our homeowner’s insurance products offer protection against certain common destructive forces, such as:

  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Ice and heavy snow damage
  • Falling trees or crashing objects
  • Hail
  • Theft
  • Lightning and power surges

These policies provide protection against the costs of rebuilding or replacing your home and possessions. They also provide temporary living expenses while your home is uninhabitable and deliver general liability protection if someone is injured on or by your property.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance offers protection for drivers in a variety of situations. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all auto insurance policy because every driver is different. For instance, some people own their vehicles outright and feel they only need liability protection for their vehicles.

Others rely on their vehicles and cannot easily replace them in the aftermath of an accident. Those people may prefer some sort of comprehensive and collision coverage to help repair or replace a car that is damaged in an accident.

Other types of auto insurance coverage to consider include:

  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Theft protection
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection
  • Umbrella liability insurance

People face different risks when getting behind the wheel. It is essential to find the right protection and coverage to meet your unique needs and mitigate your risks. We can help you choose the best auto insurance policy for the right price to fit your insurance protection needs.

Renters Insurance

Like homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance helps provide liability protection for you if your guests become injured on or by their property. It also protects you in certain events, such as if your stove catches on fire and spreads to the next apartment.

Renters insurance can help to replace your possessions in the aftermath of a fire. Similarly, if a pipe bursts in your apartment and floods an apartment below, your renters insurance policy can provide coverage for damages to the personal property of the tenant below.

Your landlord’s insurance policy does not protect your possessions. Renter’s insurance does, helping you to avoid the high costs associated with replacing everything you own all at once, in the events of fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered events.

If your rental home is uninhabitable, renters insurance may cover your temporary living expenses. Depending on your policy, you may be protected from other losses as well.

Valuable Articles Insurance

Many high-value items are expressly excluded from standard contents or possessions insurance coverage. If you have valuable collections, expensive items, antiques, or heirlooms, it is a good idea to purchase valuable articles insurance protection for qualifying items.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella coverage is a type of liability protection that kicks in once your traditional general liability, auto liability, or another type of liability protection has been exhausted. It can be a real lifesaver if you are in one bad accident or have one sizable judgment made against you. It can also help if you are facing substantial legal fees arising from defense against accusations made against you.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is something that isn’t included in a standard home or renter’s insurance policy. This means you must purchase it separately, in most cases, to protect your home and possessions from the devastating damage floods can create.

Flood insurance is issued through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and we can help you get the right balance of flood insurance to meet your needs.

Builder’s Risk / Renovation Insurance

Whether you’re renovating your home or adding new rooms or additions, it is important to make sure that the building materials, fixtures, and equipment used for the renovation are protected from covered events. You can accomplish this through builder’s risk insurance protection.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

If you own personal watercraft, whether it’s a bass boat, a jet ski, or a sailing vessel, it is essential to have personal watercraft insurance explicitly designed for the risks and liabilities boat owners face. We’ll help you get the right coverage for your watercraft and the level of risks you face as the owner.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles offer far greater risks for injuries to riders and passengers than the average car. The insurance for motorcycles must be up to the challenge. Additionally, you may require coverage and protection for aftermarket parts, trip interruption, personal injury protection, and more.

The personal insurance buying process can be complex if you do not have a trustworthy agency, like Generazio Associates, Inc., to walk you through the process.

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