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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our concern – Generazio Associates, Inc. Insurance is committed to respect and protect the privacy of non-public personal financial information.

This notice tells you: the categories of non-public personal identifiable information that we collect from you or third parties about you, participants, beneficiaries or claimants in connection with your insurance disclose practices concerning such information and the type of security policies and procedures that are in place to protect the confidentiality and security of non-public information provided to Generazio Associates Inc..

Information that we collect – We collect personally identifiable information from you or third parties about you, participants, beneficiaries or claimants under your insurance coverage as part of the insurance application placement process and during underwriting, claims, administration, and policy service activities.

We collect information from the following sources: Information that we receive from you on applications and other forms which may include policyholder information, beneficiary or claimant name, address, phone numbers, social security numbers, household information, date of birth, job descriptions, payroll information, medical information, vehicle and property information related to the underwriting and placing of insurance coverage for you. Information we receive about and stemming from your transactions with us or others including claims or loss information, medical information, claimant information, contact names, information from consumer reporting agencies, federal and state agencies including state motor vehicle departments and licensing agencies and inspections services.

We share such information as follows – We do not disclose non-public information about you, beneficiaries, claimants under your policy to third parties, except as permitted by law or by your request. As your insurance agent, we must provide non-public personal information about you to the following: insurance companies, premium audit and loss control business that may be hired by your insurance company. Premium finance companies that may have furnished a premium finance agreement to enable you to finance your insurance premiums. Banks and other financial institutions that may have a financial interest in your property and the policy that covers it. When a court has subpoenaed records. Any state, local or federal law enforcement agency or otherwise as required by law. Under no circumstances do we sell or market non-public personal information to others.

How we protect this information – We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard against the unauthorized disclosure of non-public information of customers, beneficiaries or claimants that we have in connection with your insurance placed in our agency. We use computer hardware and software tools to guard our system, data privacy and integrity. Our computer systems are also protected by additional measures including passwords, security, network routers and firewalls, which are intended to prevent unauthorized access.