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Trucking Insurance

Whether you’re an owner-operator, a major carrier, or a private carrier, you need to have the right kind of commercial trucking insurance to protect your business, your financial interest, your drivers, and other people on the road.

From accidents to damaged cargo and more, it’s important to ensure your transportation insurance policy includes the right type of coverages to mitigate your risks.

With so many coverage options and types available for small fleets, mid-sized fleets, and large fleets, it can be challenging to know which commercial trucking insurance or semi-truck insurance is the right choice for you.

At Generazio Associates, Inc., we’re here to help.

Types of Insurance Protection Commercial Truckers Require

Commercial trucking businesses require a fair amount of insurance protection in order to cover your liability needs as well as those of your business.

Among the top policies you need are the following:

  • Commercial Auto Liability. You can’t leave the home base without this vital protection that is required by law in all 50 states.
  • Physical Damage Insurance. Helps cover repairs related to physical damage to your trucks caused by weather, other drivers, animals, objects on the road, and more.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. Protects your organization from losses related to the theft of cargo as well as damage or destruction of said cargo while in your care.
  • General Liability Insurance. This coverage business liability claims and is especially helpful if you have your own business property where people might become injured, have accidents, etc.
  • Umbrella Insurance. This type of insurance provides additional liability protection when you exceed the limits of other types of liability policies. It’s a sort of insurance policy for your general, auto, and other liability policies.
  • Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance. If your truck causes pollution in an accident, this is the type of policy you want to have in place to help cover the costs of cleaning up the pollution and any legal fees that may be involved.

You may only need a few or all of these types of insurance, plus others, to adequately protect your commercial trucking fleet. That is why it is always best to work with a reputable insurance agency to get the protection you need.

Things that Impact Insurance Costs

Many things will affect your insurance premiums. From the record of your drivers to the age of your trucks to even the types of cargo your drivers deliver. These things also affect the types of insurance products you’ll need for full, well-rounded coverage.

  • The safety record of your company
  • Hazardous materials you may transport
  • Distances drivers travel on average routes
  • Recent accidents, thefts, or other claims

These are just a few key things that can affect the monthly premiums you pay for insurance protection. Working with a reputable, independent insurance agency can help you learn more about the security you need and ways you can save on insurance today and in the future.

Why Generazio Associates, Inc. for Your Trucking Insurance Needs?

Generazio Associates, Inc. has been writing truck insurance since we opened our doors in 1971. At the time, we were one of only five insurance agencies in NJ who wrote trucking insurance. Today, we are the only one of those five that remains family-owned, operated, and independent.

In addition to our experienced and well-trained staff, these are some of the benefits to consider when you do business with us.

  1. We offer 24/7 access on our website that allows you to access ID cards, certificates, and policy changes at all hours of the day.
  2. We allow electronic signatures so that your drivers don’t have to stop and print documents when they are on the road – saving your organization time and money!
  3. We review your coverage each year and shop the renewal to be sure your rates are still the most competitive.
  4. We have cultivated long relationships with our insurance carriers, which allows us to offer you faster turnaround times on quotes.
  5. Our staff is trained to respond immediately to your requests for certificates of insurance, so there are no delays in getting your loads.
  6. We write insurance for all transportation lines, including intermodal, sand & gravel, long haul, and school buses.

At Generazio Associates, Inc., we can help you get the right types and amount of coverage for your commercial trucking fleet without selling you products you aren’t likely to need.

Contact us today at (973) 429-8100 to discuss how we can help you with your trucking insurance needs — and how we can help you get more for your insurance dollars.